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Street Fighter 4 revealed behind closed doors!

     That's right folks, the day has finally come. Today Capcom gave some investors a top secret hush hush look at the latest installment of the most popular fighting game ever. Much to our surprise, the game remains true to it's 2D roots. Not only is it 2D, but the sprites are lusciously high resolution and animated extremely smooth. It was revealed that the game has been in development since before Noritaka Funamizu left Capcom to form his own company. The team developing the game was specially put together and contains both Capcom employees and some members from Arc System Works, the developers of the Guilty Gear series. The team was originally formed to develop a Sammy vs Capcom game, but after Funamizu departed Capcom, it left the project without a director. Guilty Gear creator Daisuke Ishiwatari took control of the project and well Street Fighter 4 is the result.

As you can see the visual style of the game is closer to that of the Guilty Gear series than past Street Fighters. From the music we heard it's also definitely more rock based, we recognized one track being from the Japanese rock band Asian Kung Fu Generation.

While no story details were given, there was a theme of "Past meets Future" that flashed across several of the demos. Many screens showed a now gray haired Ryu with Mel Masters, the son of Ken, which confirms the game takes place after the events of Street Fighter 3. Besides a teenage Mel, we were able to recognize an older version of Sean sporting a shaved head and beard-- Nella, a military style fighter that plays like a mix of Guile/Charlie/Cammy-- Punarjanma, an Indian boy who uses strange energy attacks that mimic some of Dhalsim's moves as well as M. Bison's Psycho Crusher-- Zero, a fighter that looks similar to Twelve, but was doing some of of T. Hawk's moves-- Mei, a teenage girl we assume is the girl Chun Li rescued in SF3, besides doing Chun Li moves, she also had at least one of Gen's attacks-- and most surprising was an adult Sakura, looking rather buff and with an entirely new set of Muay Thai moves, she seems to play more like Sagat or Adon now.

We noticed a strange bar at the bottom of the screen labeled "Sensei" with the names of the original characters like Ryu, Ken, Guile, and Dhalsim. Considering the characters we saw were doing moves similar to their "Sensei", they've implemented some kind of new aspect to the game. It's interesting to note that we saw Ryu both as a Sensei and as a playable character with Oro listed as his Sensei, although it was too fast to see if he did one of Oro's moves. We were not able to see what this meter does though. During one demo we did see a parry performed as well as a new defensive move where the character got hit, but rather than take damage, he did a defensive roll away.

No photography was allowed at this event, so we had to be rather sneaky to get these shots.  It's unknown when the game will be officially announced or what platform it will be on, chances are since Arc is working on the game it will be released on the Atomiswave.

We'll keep you posted on this story as it develops.


Street Fighter 4 revealed!  
It's here, it's 2D, get used to it!

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